Micro services 

We expand microservices as a value-added solution to our end customers because they are a vital feature of our Application Development Management and Support offering. We adopt microservice architecture and implement best practices to transform organizations through our Microservices Setup and Consulting services. Microservices represents a significant shift for businesses, as it breaks down monolithic software into small, modular bits that may act independently.

At Corporate Biz Solutions, we have assisted several clients with the technical components of microservice architecture and the benefits, related procedures, and adoption strategy. While aligning with your SDLC, we evaluate microservice frameworks and technologies and offer recommendations depending on your business requirements. Based on the microservices architectural concept, we design and create the technical solution architecture. If you are thinking about using microservices in your next application development project, our professionals can assist you with choosing the right platform and executing the microservices design.

We provide consulting services for microservices in the following areas:

  • Microservices Assessment
  • Microservices Migration
  • Enterprise Microservices Adoption
  • Microservices Integration
  • Microservices Testing
  • Microservices Maintenance & Support