Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

Most industries have become more resilient to market upheavals thanks to automation. At Corporate Biz Solutions, our automation aims to enable these experiences through a digital workforce and better procedures while also releasing a wave of innovation across your organization and freeing up humans to focus on higher-order tasks. By enhancing productivity and unlocking operational efficiency, we use Digital Process Automation (DPA) to assist our clients in changing their operations. With DPA, we can automate tedious operations, orchestrate processes across various systems, and allow organizations to make data-driven decisions, all while providing a flexible platform for fast-growing businesses.

RDA aims to simplify, automate, and integrate the technologies and processes on employees' desktops, to work more efficiently. Our RDA solutions can be quickly implemented, providing enterprises with a tool that quickly realizes benefits, pays for itself, and gives a high return on investment. This offers several advantages, including increased processing quality, speed, consistency, and lower mistake rates.

BPA is dedicated to lowering the risks associated with mission-critical core business processes. We offer Business Process Automation Services to help clients create unique, cost-effective, simplified, and error-free software. Our BPA services do more than automate company processes.

Our Offerings

Automation Ideation & Strategy

Automation Team Design

Strategy and Roadmap

Change Management

RPA Implementation

Identify the most appropriate RPA toolset

RPA monitoring and recording

Design and develop Bots

Business Process Analysis

Automation Opportunities Analysis

Exceptions Handling Processes

Automation Process Design

RPA Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Identify analysis needed

Report and analyze