GRC Services

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions from Corporate Biz Solutions enable firms to streamline and automate risk management and compliance operations throughout their whole organization. While we specialize in SAP and non-SAP integration, our GRC solutions may be used in any process, including non-SAP ones. Governance, risk, and compliance are all addressed in a proactive, real-time manner.


There are three major components of GRC:

  • Governance: Ensuring that organizational activities, such as IT operations management, align with its business objectives.
  • Risk: Ensuring that any risk associated with organizational activities is identified and treated effectively and efficiently.
  • Compliance: Achieving compliance means ensuring that the organization's operations are compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. This involves making certain that IT systems and the data contained inside them are utilized and protected properly.

With our expertise in SAP GRC Access Controls, Process Controls, and Risk Management, Corporate Biz Solutions assists enterprises in managing their regulations and compliance. In various industries and disciplines, we define, improve, and automate detective and preventative controls. WE CREATE SECURITY EVENT MANAGEMENT METHODS AND ADDRESS RISK through SAP GRC AC, PC, RM, Fraud Management, and ETD products.

In addition, Corporate Biz Solutions assists clients in defining business process risks and important risk indicators and developing risk hierarchies and reporting frameworks. We also set up the SAP GRC control architecture to ensure that government policies are followed. Corporate Biz Solution's integration of GRC procedures and technology allows companies to achieve lower costs and less impact on operations and improved information quality, and the capacity to repeat processes consistently.