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Service-Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style whose primary goal is to achieve loose coupling or minimal dependency among interacting software agents. The idea of SOA departs significantly from that of object-oriented client server programming, which strongly suggests that you should bind data and its processing together. SOA introduces the concept of interacting software agents – service provider and service consumer. Service provider provides a service which the service consumer consumes. The provisioning of the service is over the Internet or Intranet.
With CorpBiz’s SOA deployment, you can leverage your current investment by taking the best output from the existing applications and other IT resources. With some of the very successful engagements in providing SOA-based IT services, CorpBiz has acquired significant SOA capabilities.


  • SOA Strategy
  • SOA Infrastructure Design
  • SOA Cost Estimation
  • SOA Requirements Engineering
  • SOA Inventory Design
  • SOA Outreach
  • SOA Application Design
  • SOA Data Layer / Tier Design
  • SOA Performance Engineering
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • SOA Contract & SLA Development


  • Blueprints, SOA Patterns
  • SOA Roadmaps & Conops
  • Web 2.0 Portal [wikis, blogs etc.]
  • UML & other design notation
  • Metadata design & solution configuration
  • WBS, Business Case
  • Automated Requirements Solution
  • Contracts, WS-Policy, WSDLs, Rules Engine
  • BPMN artifacts in various tools
  • BPEL Logic in various tools
  • OWL, RDF
  • Data Dictionaries, charters, wikis
  • Design configuration
  • Design documentation & test plans
  • Assessments, design specifications
  • Reports, XML output