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IT Security Implementation

Database Assessment

Client lists, credit card records, and other confidential information held in databases must be given particular protection from unauthorized disclosure. Corporate Biz Solutions Security Consulting tests database integrity to determine whether any vulnerability may compromise this sensitive information.

Web Application Security

Web Application Security reviews are comprised of both comprehensive automated analysis and targeted manual testing techniques. Our testing methodology ensures the uniform detection of common vulnerabilities such as input injection, improper session management, information disclosure and other categories mentioned within the current OWASP Top Ten vulnerability rankings and beyond. All of our deliverables include detailed descriptions, proof-of-concept demonstrations and the perceived risk and remediation effort necessary to successfully address discovered vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment is one of the most critical components of the risk management process.  Identifying the magnitude of potential losses and the likelihood that they will occur are challenging tasks for any organization, but must be performed thoroughly.

Secure Source Code Analysis (SCA)

Our source code analysis services leverage industry leading automated source code scanning tools with seasoned security professional expertise to thoroughly assess the quality and security of virtually any existing code base. During source code analysis reviews, our consultants provide in-depth analysis on proper mitigating techniques essential for timely, accurate and cost-effective remediation.

Vulnerability Assessment

Corporate Biz Solutions vulnerability assessment service provides customers with an assessment of the overall security of an organization’s systems and provides a valuable baseline for determining appropriate safeguards.  Periodic assessments are a requirement of many compliance initiatives and verify that new system implementations and changes to existing systems have not introduced new, unmitigated vulnerabilities to the organization.